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Ensure the safe operation conditions of the blower

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The safe operation and service life of the blower depends on correct and frequent maintenance and maintenance. In addition to paying attention to the general maintenance procedures, the following points should be emphasized.

1. Check the fastening of each part and whether the positioning pin is loose.

2. There is no oil leakage inside the blower body.

3. There can be no scaling, rust and peeling inside the blower body.

4. Pay attention to whether the lubrication and heat dissipation are normal, pay attention to the quality of lubricating oil, often listen to whether the blower runs noisily, pay attention to whether the unit runs under conditions that do not meet the requirements, and pay attention to adding butter regularly.

5. The overload of the blower is sometimes not immediately displayed, so we should pay attention to the increasing trend of inlet and exhaust pressure, bearing temperature and motor current to judge whether the machine is running normally.

6. Before disassembling the machine, the matching dimensions of the machine should be measured, recorded, and marked on the parts to ensure that the original matching requirements are maintained after assembly.

7. The oil tank of the new machine or the overhauled blower should be cleaned and put into operation according to the use steps. It is recommended to replace all the lubricating oil after 8 hours of operation.

8, maintenance and overhaul should be based on the specific use of a reasonable maintenance system, on schedule, and make records, it is recommended to overhaul once a year, and replace bearing and related wearing parts.

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